Is Being Fat Safe or Dangerous?

Let’s follow this obnoxious thread all the way to everything’s ultimate conclusion: celebrities. Check out these celebs who went from healthy to just plain fat.

1. Mariah Carey Mariah went from innocent songstress, to sexy pop-star, to aging teletubby grasping desperately at her fading sexual-appeal via the systematic torture of buttons and zippers. The fault of this sad state of affairs falls on us for our expectations of what a woman’s body should look like, but we shouldn’t overlook that people like Mariah choose to market themselves not just as singers, but as sexual objects.

2. Britney Spears Pop-star Britney Spears, was on top of the world, as a teenager she became a multi-million dollar franchise, she made a movie, started clothing lines, had her own perfume in Walmart stores across the country, pranced around half-naked with a snake around her neck in front of the entire world and in doing so captured the imagination of young men everywhere. Sadly, she buckled under the pressu…
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